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to yearbooks?

Not all yearbook providers are the same!

Most are not even yearbook manufacturers, using third party suppliers for all or parts of the product manufacture.

There are important factors to consider when choosing your yearbook provider.

A lot of companies claim to be expert providers of this product but do not have the capabilities to manufacture every part of your yearbook or, if any of it – behind the scene they outsource to third party suppliers.

Using this type of supplier, raises the questions of overall quality control.  Who takes the financial and remedial responsibility if problems occur?  This may result in additional costs passed on to you the customer, and delayed delivery of your yearbooks for distribution to your students.

The fact is a vast number of printing companies fall into this category, they outsource part, or all of the yearbook project to third party suppliers.

In contrast to other companies we are a genuine yearbook manufacturer, we have total control of your valued yearbook project from beginning to end, product is monitored through our quality assurance process, delivering products of the highest standard. With total control of your project we also have the flexibility to meet the delivery of projects with tight deadlines.

All our manufacturing process from design, printing, binding, packing and dispatch are carried out under one roof, using the latest technologies, operated by our highly skilled and experienced team.

We offer a 100% Guarantee – customer satisfaction is our mandate.

Case-Bound Hardcover Yearbooks

Academy is offering a new product addition to its line-up of yearbooks. In addition to the professionally bound softcover yearbooks, Academy Yearbooks is now manufacturing affordable and beautifully case-bound hardcover yearbooks.

These hardcover yearbooks are intended to serve as special keepsakes for

● Year 12 students ● Library copies ● Special school anniversary edition ● Displayed in the school reception area for marketing purposes ● Special gift for retiring staff members, the yearbook committee, principal and deputy principals.

This new offering allows schools to place orders for hardcover yearbooks, either in small quantities (even just one copy) or as many as they require. These hardcover yearbooks are added to the regular bulk print order of the softcover yearbooks. The aim is to provide a more premium and lasting option for those interested in preserving their memories in a more prestigious and durable format.

For more details about this new product, including pricing, customisation options, and ordering procedures, interested schools are encouraged to get in touch with the Academy Yearbooks for further information.

It’s a thoughtful and versatile addition to the Academy’s product range that caters to different needs and occasions.

Our Testimonials

St Dominic’s Priory College

Together, we have now created five outstanding College magazines which both our College community and I are proud of. Having been asked to produce and edit the College’s magazine was an enormous responsibility given to me and one that I have enjoyed immensely. Thankfully, John, Mardi and the team at Academy School Photography and Production made my life easier, by guiding me through the process, offering expert creative advice and ideas, but most importantly, they listened to and encouraged my vision.

From Toni Riccio

Toni Riccio

Nazareth College, Noble Park North

I have worked closely with Academy Printing over the past four years producing our annual College Yearbook. During this time I have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with our designated Graphic Designers who have employed exemplary communication skills and understood implicitly the direction of each project. The creative vision, skill and attention to detail of the team at Academy Printing have seen our Yearbook draw praise from all stakeholders and the broader community. Our Yearbook has been utilised as a highly effective marketing tool in the domestic and global marketplace, as well as a wonderful pictorial record for our college community. I have been truly proud of the high quality of the end product each year and have been thoroughly impressed with the timely delivery and competitive rates that Academy Printing offer. I strongly recommend Academy Printing and look forward to our continued collaboration in 2021 and beyond.

From Ms Mish Mackay

Ms Mish Mackay

Masada College, St Ives

Hi Mardi and John, Just wanted to thank you both for producing an amazing yearbook again for us. The colour quality is outstanding. We do appreciate your hard work, Mardi’s professionalism, creativity and extreme patience and not to forget the quick turn around despite COVID circumstances. Wishing you and your families a wonderful and restful break over the Christmas/New Year season.

From Jodi Velasco

Jodi Velasco

Chanel College, Gladstone

I have been very fortunate to work with Academy over the past 3 years. During that time, we have worked on the design, and print of 4 Chanel College Yearbooks. Academy have been amazing in all aspects of the process, the support and communication throughout the design and print are faultless. Academy have delivered exceptional designs on all 4 Yearbooks, have been able to accommodate difficult deadlines and then produce exceptional quality in print. I am very grateful to be working with a highly experienced and very capable design and print company, and would highly recommend.

From Stacy Berry

Stacy Berry

St Patrick’s College, Mackay

St Patrick’s College has been working in conjunction with Academy Printing for over ten years now. I work closely with Mardi whose creativity and excellent design work contribute to producing our annual College Magazine. The ease of the ownCloud program for uploading of materials and proofs makes producing the magazine simple. I would recommend Academy Printing always and look forward to our continued working partnership into 2022 and beyond. Thanks Mardi and John

From Lorraine DiFilippo

Lorraine DiFilippo

Designing and printing school yearbooks is our expertise

Your Schools yearbooks is more than a printed record of the current year’s events, it becomes a historical record and an archival keepsake.

The printed yearbook endures for decades, and can be a valuable marketing document sparking curiosity amongst prospective students.

Our experience, highly skilled, and dedicated yearbook team, can creatively layout your school’s content , combined with design elements producing an engaging and cohesive publication, incorporating your school’s branding, culture, achieving a distinctive personalised product that will be treasured for years to come.

Using the highest quality sustainably-sourced materials, exceptional colour printing on the latest equipment, at more than competitive pricing. The end result; a product that is beautifully designed, vibrantly printed in colour, robustly bound, and delivered on time for students and parents to enjoy for years to come.

How are we different to other

yearbook providers?

Can you spot the eight differences?

Are all yearbook providers’ manufacturers, and have design, printing, binding under one roof?
Are all yearbook companies national?
100% Australian owned?
Offer a 100% Guarantee?
Have 40 years’ experience providing products and services to schools nationally?
Quotation is inclusive of all cost and is fixed; no hidden additional charges?
Environmentally friendly manufacturing process, recycling & practices minimising carbon footprint?
Offer a tailored solution, which fits your budget, includes bespoke design, and a final product that exceeds expectation?







Got a question? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Form

  • With 40 years’ experience proudly providing products and services to schools nationally.
  • Price competitiveness – put us to the test request a quote and compare you will be impressed. Click here (Hyperlink How I request a quote)

Excellent quality products & reliable on time delivery

  • Bespoke tailored yearbook design. A personal service with dedicated qualified Graphic Designer assigned to your yearbook. With every yearbook we design, we assign a friendly qualified Graphic Designer to guide you through the design process.
  • We use printing presses with the latest technologies to ensure an optimum colour output and overall quality.
  • We do not use external third-party suppliers & manufacturers in our design, printing, binding and packaging process. Everything is done in-house by our highly skilled and experienced team, as we are proudly Australian owned and operated.
  • We are experts in project management and guide you through the design process and content planning stages.
  • We invest in new products and technologies to better serve you. We continuously lead the way in product quality, innovation and service.
  • We’re Green…“It’s worth it for your students’ future”
    Our company is committed to a policy of sustainability and environmental management.

Our pricing is inclusive of

  • Pre-press checking your file supplied.
  • Supplying two printed and bound proof books and a second set of proofs after author changes if required for approval prior to the printing of the bulk order.
  • No additional charge for 1 hour of author’s corrections.
  • Freight and delivery costs.
  • Our quotation is a fixed price based on the final specifications confirmed and accepted.
  • Full layout and personalised design of your yearbook if this service is requested.
  • Helpful, friendly staff; we offer free support and advice throughout the project process.

Request a quote by email, telephone or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Email us:

Or ring us on 1800 816 224

From receiving your print ready PDF file to final delivery it takes approximately 20 working days.

This time also includes the proofing stage; we will supply you with two printed and bound books for your approval prior to printing the bulk order.

(5 days for printed proof books to be processed delivered and approved) then 15 working days from approval of printed proof book for print and delivery turnaround time.

If Academy is contacted to do the layout and design of your yearbook then additional time will be required. We will supply you with a detailed production timeline that indicates key target dates.

Bulk of materials supplied date, last of material supply date, final authors correction date, final proof sign off date, these dates are formulated working back from the required delivery date.

There is no specific requirement of the number of pages in your yearbook, this can range from 20 – 300 pages.

The number of pages is defined by the amount of material to be included, and the layout and design style, and the font formatting size used for the text.

Smaller Schools with fewer faculties  average 50 – 80 pages, medium sized Schools  80 – 140 pages, and larger Schools/Colleges somewhere around 140 – 240 pages.

As standard, we recommend 310gsm art board for the cover and 128gsm art paper for the internal pages.

We also embellish the outer cover with either a Gloss or Matt finish film lamination, giving the cover added durability and high-quality finish.

Internal pages are printed on a high quality art paper which can be gloss or silk finish paper.

Both finishes of paper are available weights of 128gsm and 150gsm.

Our paper stocks have post recycled content and are sourced for their carbon neutral status from paper mills that have RFP-Responsible Forestry Practices.

Your yearbook will be professionally bound with a square back spine finish using special formulated strong bonding adhesives, one specifically for the hinge side glue and the other for the spine glue area. In addition we side lock the text blocks prior to binding; this guarantees your books are archival and pages will not dislodge over time. This process is not included by other suppliers.

We’re Eco-Friendly…“It’s worth it for your students’ future”

Our company is committed to a policy of sustainability and environmental management with the objective of minimising the impacts of our own business operations on the environment.

In addition, our objective is also to guide and assist schools in minimising the environmental impacts of their printed product purchases.

We have recently updated our printing equipment incorporating the latest technologies, one of the prime criteria was that the equipment satisfied our vision in achieving the most environmentally friendly manufacturing printing process.

Our paper stocks have post recycled content and are sourced for their carbon neutral status from paper mills that have RFP-Responsible Forestry Practices.

We focus on waste reduction and recycling processes, which are fully implemented in our manufacturing activities.

The process is simple; a Link/User Name and Password will be issued to you, and this allows you access to upload your PDF or yearbook material folders to your own school folder on our Academy ownCloud server.

Drag items from your computers desktop, and drop into your schools ownCloud folder.

Security: Your schools ownCloud folder is only accessible by user name and password.

Our experienced, highly skilled and dedicated graphic design team, can creatively layout your school’s content, combined with design elements producing an engaging and cohesive publication, incorporating your school’s branding, culture, achieving a distinctive  personalised product that will be treasured for years to come.

With every yearbook we design for you, you receive a dedicated qualified Graphic Designer assigned to your yearbook project. Every yearbook is unique and tailored to suit your needs. The qualified Graphic Designer communicates directly with you on all aspects of the layout, design and artwork preparation phase of the project. This makes the process run smoothly and saves you time!

This comes down to the material you have and the style of book you prefer, some yearbooks are text heavy with fewer images, and others completely the opposite, overall yearbooks tend to have higher proportion of space allocated to images.

If the layout is to feature a report with a few images, we suggest 300 words for a single page and 500 words for a double-page spread.

If the layout requires featuring lots of images then again dependent on the design style chosen, a page can display 8-10 good-sized images with minimal amount of text included.

The project management of a yearbook can feel like an overwhelming task and a tough mountain to climb with all the collating of the materials. We have dedicated team members and processes in place that ensure you are assisted every step of the way, making the process stress-free.

We appreciate that not every image supplied can be from a professional camera, we have to be flexible with images supplied.

It’s important to understand that if the image is relatively low resolution then it will have to be placed in a fairly small size on the page. If it’s enlarged it will print pixelated, looking soft and grainy, losing definition.

Absolutely yes, this is important as it saves considerable amount of time that would have to be spent on typo author’s corrections at the final stages of proofing, which may cause delays in meeting the scheduled sign off date.

Why we are Schools first choice for their Yearbook?

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive pricing.

Our national purchasing power, and the efficiencies achieved through our streamlined book manufacturing process delivers exceptional cost savings.

Exceptional customer service.

Our friendly yearbook team, are eager to assist, every request is treated with importance.

Project management & Scheduling.

Our project management and scheduling operating system gives access to live real time project status, information can be communicated seamlessly to you the customer.

100% Guarantee

We stand by our product and service, rarely an issue may occur, we cooperatively manage the situation, so the final outcome is total client satisfaction.

The highest quality product. This is achieved by using the latest technologies, operated be our highly qualified and skilled team, and by following our stringent quality assurance guidelines.

On Time Delivery

Projects management through our fully integrated real time scheduling software, each stage is monitored and completed to the set target timeline ensuring completion of product and delivery is on time.  Streamlined manufacturing processes allowing for quick and easy communication throughout the entire project.

National Company

State Branches in WA, SA (VIC TAS), NSW, QLD. Our friendly customer service team are just around the corner, they will be more than pleased to assist with your enquiry.

We would love to hear from you

No question or request is too small, our Customer Support Team are always here when you need them!


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