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We continue to be the industry leader in the development of new products and services. Our mantra is to offer the best possible products that are superior for their quality, uniqueness and value. This is achieved through product innovation within our company and the implementation of innovative, cutting edge manufacturing equipment and technologies.

Metallic & Fluorescent Colours

NEW - Metallic Colours - Overall Gloss or Spot Gloss Embellishment - Fluorescent Print

Add WOW factor to your yearbook cover, print that pops off the page, with vibrant colours and definition never seen before!

Your yearbook and printed products can now evolve to a new level of vibrancy and quality with our expanded capabilities to transform standard printable colours into vibrant Metallic colours, as well as adding stand-alone Gold, Silver, an all over Gloss or Spot Gloss to your printed products.

Additionally to metallic colours we can also include our new Fluoro colour effects, producing even a wider range of dazzling vivid colours.

Our latest printing capabilities are opening up a new world of possibilities for design creativity and printable visual effects, limited only by your imagination.

The value add to you our valued customer, is not just the expanded design possibilities translated into vivid and eye-catching high quality printed product never seen before, but that we can do this on the fly, seamlessly, in one- printing pass, efficiently and at competitive pricing, while maintaining the highest level of environmentally friendly printed product available in Australia today.

Pano Fold Out

New - Pano fold out

Value add by incorporating a Pano Print fold out to your yearbook.

Panoramic images can now be displayed in their entirety.

All school and large group images, display events such as award ceremonies, presentations, musicals, sports day carnivals, and have a special commemorative fold out for Year 6 or  Year 12 graduating  students, are a few examples for a Pano Print fold out.